Cryptocurrency airdrops are when a blockchain-based project hands out tokens in order to raise awareness for their product. “Raising awareness” includes social media actions like following a Twitter account.

Some ICOs use a whitelist or telegram bot which updates in real time and must be completed before the airdrop claiming process is complete. On our platform, ICOs do not receive KYC information until the user finishing the claim process.

ICOs give us instructions when they apply, and we try to adhere as closely as possible to those original instructions.

If you are having issues, please contact ross [at]

You can use airdrops the same way you would use any form of cryptocurrency. The only difference is that you received this cryptocurrency in exchange for raising awareness instead of paying money.

Airdrops have a lockup period of several weeks after the token sale ends. We keep an updated schedule and can send you reminders when your airdrop is released.

Block Tree Club is not involved in distributing airdrops. We only offer ICOs access to social media account information once a user has claimed an airdrop. The ICO is responsible for cross-checking tasks and deciding whether they have been completed. If an ICO is not responding to you or you still have questions, please email ross [at]

You can do this one of the many cryptocurrency exchanges. When you sign up for our alerts, we will tell you which exchanges the coins or tokens are available on.

An ethereum wallet is just what it sounds like: a wallet for storing token and coins that are based off the ethereum blockchain.

If you’d like to know how to create a free cryptowallet, our digital assistant Blocky can walk you through the process.

ICOs only send airdrops to ACTIVE wallets. That means your wallet must receive crypto at least once. The amount transferred can be as small as you like. You will either have to buy ethereum at an exchange, have a friend send you a few cents, or use our wallet activation service.


In an ICO, a company creates and sells a new cryptocurrency token. The value of this token depends in part on what it is used for and in part how much demand exists for it. Tokens can be used for these projects or exchanged for any other currency.

In a Token Sale, tokens are used to raise funds for a company without selling shares. Like cryptocurrency coins, tokens can be exchanged for any kind of currency. The difference is that a token also has some special use. Tokens can be used to purchase recording time at a studio, connect to Wifi hotspots, or play blockchain-based videogames.

ICOs that want extra visibility on our platform can purchase a “Premium Listing” where we will give them a chance to prove the worth of their ICO. ICOs with premium listings also agree to participate in “town-hall style” webinars where our users can put them in the hot seat and ask whatever they want.

We allow any ICO to list with our platform for a free month if they pass our vetting process. This includes a feasibility analysis of the whitepaper and identity confirmation by at least one major stakeholder. If you think your ICO would be right for us, apply here

We are very aware of the potential conflict of interest that can arise under sponsorship. That is why we make clear to every ICO that we cannot guarantee a positive review. A great ICO will receive a great review. A mediocre ICO will not receive a great review. If you believe our coverage of an ICO is biased or needs correction, please contact Ross {at}

Block Tree Club

Block Tree Club is run by
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You can find out more about the founders and management team of Block Tree Club at our about us page.

Leon Lim co-founded and remains CEO of Singapore’s number 1 provider of cryptocurrency mining rigs, the Mining Rig Club (MRC). MRC Brand cryptocurrency mining rigs are known for their custom auto-restart software which minimizes downtime. Block Tree Club’s cloud mining data center uses MRC brand rigs.

Both our office and datacenter are located in Singapore. Our address is 10 Kaki Bukit, Avenue 4 #09-68, Premier @ Kaki Bukit Singapore (415874)

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